Thursday, June 05, 2008

The sort of thing women love to hear

I slept on the couch last night because I was so irritated at Jesse.*

Hey guys, here's a fun experiment. The next time your wife wants to discuss something important with you get pissy with her and refuse to talk about it. When she asks why say "Because you only want to talk about this when you have your period!" See how far that gets you.

*In the spirit of full disclosure I'll admit that a teeny part of why I slept down stairs was because Joseph was a little stuffy last night and whenever he's congested he spends the night coming into our room and grinding his teeth louder than what seems humanly possible.

Also in the spirit of full disclosure, some crazy person posted a challenge for people to take a picture of themselves as they looked at that very moment and post it. Because I'm also crazy I decided to take part. Here is mine. And yes, I really am that pale. I glow like that even without the benefit of a computer monitor shining on my face.

Don't forget to enter my contest! There are only a couple of days left and I don't have many entries so your chances of winning are high! Plus, it would make me really, really happy. And don't you want the woman with the tooth-grinding kid and the not-so-sensitive husband to be happy?


LiteralDan said...

That's a great line, just ballsy with no sense of self-preservation. I've gotta respect that.

Ben said...

I'm sure Jesse had a perfectly good reason for whatever it was he said or did.

Laggin said...

Dan and Ben are asking for all kinds of hormonal fury.

You should have sent HIM to the couch. :P

Ben said...

About 1:15 in.

Jen said...

literaldan - There is a certain glorious lack of fear to it. It would probably impress me if it hadn't pissed me off so much.

ben - I knew you would say something like that. I almost didn't write this because of it.

laggin - They're men, they don't understand. Plus, Ben is my brother and like to antagonize me.

ben - Super star! Was the person filming you four feet tall?