Thursday, September 06, 2007

The big winner!

I have choosen the winner of my M&M giveaway. I wish I had enough chocolate to give to everyone who entered because it warmed my shrivled little heart to see so many people talking about being proud of their loved ones. But I had to chose just one and this is how I did it:
1. Wrote down each persons name on the back of a mini post it note and folded the note up.
2. Put all the slips into a bowl.
3. Mixed up the slips.
4. Had Elle draw one out.
5. Opened the slip and found out who the winner was.
6. Realized that I had an entry stuck to my left boob.
7. Wondered if said entry got stuck there before or after the drawing.
8. Considered throwing entry in the bowl and starting over.
9. Realized that the entry stuck to my boob was AJ and that the honor of spending that long stuck to my rack should be enough of a reward for him. Also, he lives in Canada, even it he's not happy about it, what can he do? Throw whale blubber at me? (Canadians are Eskimos right?)

After all that, I am pleased to announce that the winner of my very first ever blog contest is ....insert drumroll here..... CamiKaos! She's proud of her husband and he sounds like a top notch guy who's really got his plumbing well in hand so she should be proud of him. Cami, if you email me your info I will get your chocolate out to you ASAP or as soon as I get around to it because I am lazy.

Thank to everyone who took the time to participate. It really means a lot more to me that you probably realize.


Ferdinand the Duck said...

That tit really screwed me over!
I'm livid!
Okay I'm better now.

CamiKaos said...


Chocolate, my name on a postit and super linky love over here. My day is awesome and complete... and I didn't even have to make up a bunch of fake entries to increase my chances.

All smiles over here. THANK YOU... that e-mail is heading your way momentarily...

melody is slurping life said...

It's really hard for a chocoholic to congratulate the winner of a hoard of chocolate, but congratulations camikaos. )

Ben said...

You need to add a "Burn on Canada" tag.

Ben said...

Also, it's been two months so I updated my blog. You should totally check it out.

Amber said...

Damn it I missed the contest!