Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm dying over here

J is killing me. Killing me I tell you.

He came with my to my 16 week checkup with my obgyn. I knew it was going to be interesting. What I did not know what that J was going to spend a good 40 minutes asking questions like "Jen mentioned she's been really tired. Could that mean she has gestational diabetes?" Yes, he really said that. Even the doctor was like "Wha? Um, no. She's tired because she's pregnant. That's pretty normal."

I also had to get blood drawn so that we could have a quad screen done. Ok, now that in itself might not sound like a big deal. However I think it's 100% unnecessary because we've already had a level II ultrasound done that pretty much ruled out any chance of the baby having Downs. The doctor agreed and said that the test was pretty redundant at this point since Downs had already been ruled out. J decided that it had not been ruled out enough! Yes, he wants a test that is less accurate to confirm what he has already been told by a more accurate test.

Then, J asked the doctor if he could schedule me for an amnio! For no reason! He wanted me to have a fricken amnio even though he has zero reason to think that there is anything at all wrong with this baby. Even though we have every indication that everything is normal and healthy and on track. At this point I put my foot down and said I was not comfortable having an amnio for no reason. That CVS test I had sucked rocks and I am not letting anyone stick another needle into my abdomen unless there is a damned good reason.

Thankfully the doctor agreed with me and pointed out to J that an amnio carries it's own risks and that he would only recommend one if other testing indicated there was a problem. I am so scared of the results of that quad screen. It's fairly common for those tests to give a false positive and I'm so worried that if we get one in this case that J will freak out. He can't handle a healthy pregnancy, I don't know what he would do if there was a possible problem.

The most uncomfortable moment of the appointment came when I was asking the doctor what I could do about the horrible constipation that I'm having. (Over share much Jenny?) As the doctor named some safe, over the counter things I could take to ...er, move things along J got more and more tense. His eyes bugged out, his hands gripped the arms of the chair, his back stiffened. Finally, he burst out "Should she really be taking those things? Are they safe for the baby?!?"

Baby? What baby? Oh, you mean the baby that we have this whole appointment for in the first place? The baby that we've spent the last 40 minutes talking about? Do you not think that the doctor might have thought about the baby and it's safety before he mentioned any medications to me? And did you not notice that he said "These are things that are safe for you to take while you're pregnant"? Or were you too busy thinking about how certain you are that any medication I take while I'm pregnant will turn your child into a brain dead drug addict with 4 legs? Sorry J, you're a nice guy and I like you an awful lot but I'm not willing to spend the next 24 weeks without pooping because you can't stand the thought of me taking a stool softener.



CamiKaos said...

oh man, that's some appointment...

nell said...

Yikes! My admiration for what you are doing just keeps increasing. Not that you have a choice at this point, but still.

Judy said...

I think J might be the one who REALLY needs to be medicated! Maybe something for his anxiety!

Amber said...

Time for some Valium for J!

When I was pregnant the prenatal vitamins they gave me had an added stool softener, wonder if you could get your hands on some of those?