Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joseph, the incidental believer

Today Joseph brought a book that his class made home from school. Each child had to pick a word like "soft" and then draw something that was soft, softer and softest. Joseph's word was "large". Take a look at what he drew:
That would be Big Ben on the left, Earth on the right and God in the middle. "Oh Joseph" I said when I saw it "I'm surprised you drew God. I didn't think you believed in him."

"I don't usually." he replied. "Only when I'm trying to think of something bigger than Big Ben and smaller than the Earth."

Here are a couple of other highlights from the book. Here was have two deformed red-heads walking their dogs. And if it seems like I'm being mean it's only because I'm bitter that this kid can draw a better dog than I can.

Here's a kid riding a bike or a four wheeler or something. I don't know, something about this drawing makes me happy.

Here's a ...... You know what? I'm not actually real sure what's going on in this picture. And that caption doesn't help. Does "vesent" mean "explosive bleeding from the rear end"?

To end this on a happy note, here's a spider (or "spitre") saying "Oh snap". I've looked at that picture 100 times and each time it makes me giggle.


Anonymous said...

Don't you know a pheasant when you see one? Look at the beak. Actually I have no clue, but it's a likely guess right?

(came your way from 5 star Friday and got drawn in by your Joseph story)

Cathy said...

I was thinking pheasant as well.
Actually, at first I was thinking of "Vincent the Farting Dog" but that book was actually "Walter the Farting Dog"
Now I think it's a pheasant with a large tail.

Ben said...

God just looks happy to be here.

Sam said...

I'm wondering what happened to make the spider say, "Oh snap!"

shyestviolet said...

oh snap! I totally thought the vesent was some sort of breed of dog that was dangerous and/or messy to own. this is how impressionable I am.

Jen said...

maria - I think you're on to something there. Pheasant might be righ!

cathy - I never would have gotten pheasant because I was stuck on Vincent. I thought maybe that was the bleeding dog's name.

ben - I think God sort of looks like something from a Gamera movie.

sam - I should have included this in the picture, but it looked like there was a fly getting away from the spider. I think that's why the spider looks so sad.

shyestviolet - What if there really was a breed of dog like that? The Great Pooping Vesent. I would love to see that at a dog show.

Ben said...

Hey. Hey. Hey. What night works for you for LoTR RiffTrax? I am pretty open the next several days.

Jen said...

ben - Saturday night? I have to watch S&B's boys until 8 or so but we could plan on 9? This would be a lot easier to work out of I have your phone number.

The Laundress~JJ! said...

OH SNAP. That is so funny.

Manager Mom said...

oh... I am a sucker for a good rear-end hemmorhage joke.

I am glad to have found you. Dang, there are lots of Jennifers kickin' around in the bloggyworld...

Radiomom Rhetoric said...

Ohhhh SNAP!

that cracks me up!

nell said...

I love them all. I had no idea spiders said things like "Oh snap," that's awesome.

The god picture reminds me of a story I heard once about a little girl in school. She said she was drawing a picture of God, and her teacher told her no one knows what God looks like, and she said, "They will in a minute."