Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Too lazy to think of a clever title

Things I wanted to accomplish today:
2 loads of laundry
2 loads of dishes
work-out on WiiFit
write a blog post
write up an Etsy shop review
post some stuff on freecycle
read and comment on the blogs I'm so far behind on
make meatballs

Things I actually accomplished today:
worked out on WiiFit
sat around and though about eating cheese
ate cheese
got gas from eating too much cheese


Mrs. Schmitty said...

At least you got the gas AFTER you worked out on Wii Fit...that could have been nasty before!

Sheila said...

ooh, I love cheese. I will eat cheese until I regret living. And, then I'll do it again.

andi said...

OMG, I love Sheila's comment. Ditto for me. I think I'll go get some cheese right now.

Radiomom Rhetoric said...

I also love the CHEESE....pretty much any kind.

Cathy said...

Ha! You're funny. =)
You should see the list of things I want to do during the day. "I'll do this while they nap. I'll do this after they go to bed. I'll do this and this and this." And what do I get done? This (blogging) - and that's rarely on my list.

Christopher said...

I cannot believe that nobody has been sufficiently smart-arsey enough to point out yet that you have actually succeeded in writing a blog entry. I worry that American levels of smart-arsery are yet anotehr victim of the credit-crunch.

Jen said...

mrs schmitty - I always have gas when I work out anyway. The yoga does it to me for some reason.

sheila - If you love cheese that much my I recomend going to Trader Joes and stocking up there? You may die a stinky, gassy death but it will be a happy one.

andi -Every time is the right time for cheese.

radiomom - I'm telling you, Trader Joes's Chedder with Port. Heaven, they name is cheese.

cathy - I have the same problem. I always plan on getting stuff done when the kids are sleeping but then when they are it just seems like the perfect time to do anything else other than what I should be doing.

chrisopher - It's true. I can't even think of anything witty to respond with. I suspect though that raising gas prices also have something to do with our lack of smart assery. We're all to buy remembering when gas was $1.12 and not $4.07 to think of good comebacks.

Sam said...

I love swiss cheese right now so much it is disturbing. I guess it is better than craving french fries, right?

nell said...

Maybe you should start writing cheese reviews. It would be easy, since clearly all of your readers are cheese fiends anyway. Including me.