Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Joseph tries to raise his eyebrows

It's a struggle. Sorry about the chocolate all over his face.

Pardon my dorky laugh.


Cathy said...

Good job Joseph!
Love it!

Laggin said...


kik said...

He is adorable!!!


Reminds me of my brother... he couldn't wink, but he'd open his mouth big (hehehehe). It was so cute. He'd have to use his hand to close one eye. He's 38 now, I'll have to see if he ever learned.

Ben said...

It's not dorky, but you know that in forty years that laugh will sound just like Grandma's.

Actually it sounds like Beany's laugh right now.

Beany said...

Oh so funny. You need to youtube that. And Ben? What did I ever do to you?

Jen said...

cathy - I make him do it all the time. It makes me laugh.

laggin - I'm assuming you mean my boy? Becuse my laugh? Ugh.

kik - Joseph does the same thing! It's too cute.

ben - I do kind of sound like Beany now that you point it out.

Beany - So saying that your laugh sounds like my laugh is an insult? Now I'm insulted that you said that.

Beany said...

not your laugh. It was the grandma comment. And the 40 years.

Laggin said...

Of COURSE I mean your boy. I didn't even notice your laugh.

Emily said...

Hey, he's mastered this! i saw it on wednesday.