Thursday, March 16, 2006

Elle Rose, Wonderbaby

Elle did the most amazing thing today. She was sitting in her high chair playing with one of her toys. She was holding it and just kind of waving her arms around. At one point the toy kind of banged down onto the tray and she got a really startled look on her face. I laughed and then that made her laugh. She slammed the toy down again and again we both laughed.

Then all of the sudden her entire face just lit up and I swear I could almost see the lightbulb go on over her head. She slooooowly lifted the toy up as high as she could and then slammed it down really hard. Her eyes never left my face. Of course I made a big deal over the big noise she was making and she just went nuts. Once she figured out that her actions were making me react a certain way she was out of control. She was slamming that toy down with all her might, as fast as she could. Her legs were kicking, her ams were waving and her little face was red with the effort of it all. Her eyes were wild, her hair was mussed and there was drool everywhere. It was the coolest thing.

She's such a blast.

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