Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Elle stuff

Elle rolled over today! I only had to help her a tiny bit. I helped position her arm so that she could get all the way over onto her back but she did all the rolling part on her own. She looked really suprised but that might have been just from the loud cheering Joseph and I did for her.

She's such a little beast. Since that first tooth came in nursing has been ..... a challenge. She likes to bite down. Hard. Very hard. I've read that if a baby does that you are supposed to pull away and fimrly say "No biting!". Yeah. That doesn't work for me. You know what she does when I do that? She laughs. It's true, my mom has heard it. Plus, sometimes I can't even pull away because she's got such a vise grip on me. Ok, it's not pleasant to say but she's drawn blood. What am I going to do with my little monster baby?


Ben said...

So, Doogal, thats the one where whoopi goldberg is a sassy cow right? Let me guess, at some point did her dialouge include the line "Now thats what I'm talkin about!"?

Also, dont be so hard on Barry Bonds. Look he was willing to lighten up, poke fun at himself and be one of the guys by dressing up as Paula abdul. The moment espn cameras were on him for his new reality show.

Anonymous said...

A new book that says Barry Bonds uses steroids? I should write a book that claims the sky is blue, but it could be that most people already know that too.
Let me kind of recap the rest of your recent posts:
I feel sorry for you.....and Sandy, but I don't feel sorry for Babe Ruth or Tim McGraw.
That's about it.