Friday, March 03, 2006


Last night after Jesse put Joseph to bed he went back into the office to get some work done. After he had been gone a while Joseph woke up crying. I went up to check on him and he was acting really weird. He wasn't awake but he wasn't sleeping either. It wasn't like a night terror because I could get him to respond to me a little bit. He said his head hurt and that he needed something but he couldn't tell me what. He was just wandering around and crying and trying to go downstairs. Finally I got him to lay back down and I went back downstairs.

A little bit later I heard him crying again and I found him in the hallway crying for Jesse. I explained that Daddy was at work and he would be back soon but he started to get really frantic. Finally I told him he could come downstairs and sit on the couch with Becky (who was visiting) and I for a little bit. I brought him downstairs but then he tried to head for the back door. He kept saying he needed to leave and get Daddy. He was still in this weird half awake state.

I called Jesse so that he could talk to Joseph and Joseph insisted that Jesse come home right away. I told Jesse that Joseph had just been frantic and he said he would come leave in a couple of minutes. I hung up and Joseph continued to cry for a couple of minutes more. Then, all of the sudden he laid down on the couch and fell back asleep. By the time Jesse walked in the door a couple of minutes later Joseph was fast asleep and peaceful as can be.

Becky can vouche for me here, it was really weird. We just decided that for whatever reason, Jesse was not supposed to be out that night and Joseph somehow knew it. He's never acted like that before and this morning he didn't even really remember it. Very stange indeed. What a sensitive little boy I have.

Speaking of sensitive, Joseph has been pushing kids at school when he doesn't get his way. I guess he's only done it a few times but we want to nip that in the bud right away. Today he told me that there is a mean boy in his class who pushes him sometimes and once pushed him off a toy in the gym. Joseph said he fell and hit his head then got up and pushed the boy back. Of course I had to do the responsible thing and tell him that pushing is wrong and that he should have gone and told the teacher. What I really wanted to say was "Good, next time kick him while he's down". That kid better not ever meet me in a dark alley. That's all I have to say about that.

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