Saturday, March 04, 2006


A little over 6 hours ago I was laying on my bed with what I think was the worst migraine I have ever had. I was sick to my stomach, I couldn't see straight, I felt like I might pass out, my whole body was tensing up in pain and my nose was a little runny. Jesse kept trying to talk to me and ask me questions but everytime I tried to answer all that really came out was "Uhhhhhh ..... owwwww ...... owwwww ..... ohmygooooooodowwwwww".

I woke up with a headache this morning and then at 4:00 I went to the chiropractor to get an andjustment. It seemed to go ok but about halfway home I was in real pain. We went back and the doctor worked on me a little more and sent me home. We got home and I was doing really, really bad. I just laid on the bed and cried. I tried not to because it hurt so much but I felt like I didn't even have control over my body.

Jesse called and talked to my chiropractor (the one I usually see, not the one I saw today who's like my back-up when my regular one is not available). She told Jesse to bring me in and she would do some acupuncture on me. When he told me that I just cried and said I coulnd't go back in the car because I was in too much pain. At this point I was so out of it that I was seriously considering trying to knock my head against the wall to knock myself out. (No, I'm not joking. It hurt that much and I couldn't think straight.) He convinced me to go though and am I ever glad that he did.

I got 6 needles in my back, 2 in my arms and 2 in my neck. It didn't hurt at all, I really couldn't even feel them once they were in. I honestly sat there thinking "This is not going to work. There is no way these little needles are going to take away this migraine". But what do you know? Little by little the pain started to go away. I was able to hold my head up and then open my eyes and then I was even able to smile when I heard Joseph thanking my chiroprator for helping me feel better.

When we left I still had a really bad headache but after a nap and some time with an icepack I am nearly 100% better. I"m amazed. I was really sceptical at first but man, I am so sold on accupunture now. It works so much better than anything I ever got any of those times I went to the emergency room for my migraines.

I know this is really long but I'm so serious about this: If you have a headache or a migraine or back pain or anything plese, please, please do yourself a favor and go see Dr Minser at Minser Chiropractic. She is a miracle worker!

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