Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a day

Elle was sitting on my lap today wearing just a diaper and she had the cutest little toot ever. Before I could even think "That was the cutest little toot ever" I felt somethng warm on my legs. I lfted her up and there was poop all over my lap. It was everywhere, running down my legs even. How in the world?!?! I looked at her and she just smiled happily and chewed on her hand.

As I'm cleaning her up Joseph yells from downstairs "Agh! I dropped my juice box and juice sprayed all over!" The joys of children.


Grandma Judy said...

Jen, those are the joys of motherhood.. you will remember those things on their wedding days...trust me...actually, its probably a typical day in the life of mothers with small children. Keep smiling!!! Judy

Ben said...

Hurry up and drag yourself through the rest of AFFC so I can post my spoiler laden review. Its not as long as it looks because, honest to God, the last 100 pages or so are family trees. Which tells you alot right there.