Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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There's a new book out saying that Barry Bonds used steroids. It's all over the news. Uh..... Was there anyone around who didn't think he used them? (I guess this is big news to Naivey McEasyfooled from Headinthesand, Nebraska.) The question that I am hearing a lot is: Does this taint the home run record? And the answer is: Yes, it does. Babe Ruth set his record while ingesting massive amounts of tobacco, booze and processed meat products. It's not fair to compare his record to someone who's ingesting massive amounts of steroids and, I have to assume, ego inflator pills and self-entitlment supplements.

The other night after Kirby Puckett died the local news did a story about how at the Metrodome a bunch of people had come out to set up a memorial to him. Nice story right? One little problem. This "huge memorial" consisted of two carboard signs and a candle. They kept showing it from different angles to make it look like it was more but it was just pathetic. Why not wait untill there's a little more stuff there before you do that story? Oh yeah, cause you're a crappy local news show and you just have to get that big story first. It was done by the channel 11 reporter that I just hate too. I call him the Bart's People Guy. ("The old Number 9 doesn't come by here much anymore......")

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Anonymous said...

There also was a sign that said Get well soon. Ironic.