Monday, March 20, 2006

Lack of news

I'm just updating to say that I really don't have much to say.

Elle's second tooth is still hiding and continuing to bother her once in a while. I'm sure it's going to come in any time now but I've been thinking that for a week now.

Joseph is continuing to sleep in his room at night without climbing into bed with us. He had one little slip up last night but otherwise Jesse and I have had our bed to ourselves.

We went to Monday Night Class this week. The lady who never shuts up continued to never shut up tonight. She's just terrible. I have to restrain myself from banging my head against the table whenever she opens her mouth to talk. It's nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise once she gtes going. We're supposed to be meeting to exchange ideas and discuss problems but she seems to think it's just a platform for her tell one long, rambling, pointless story after another. She's utterly clueless too. She doesn't even seem to notice that when she starts talking that everyone just stares off into space, trying to will themselves to a happier place.

Relay for Life meeting tomorrow. Gah. Why did I say I would be the captain? Ben, I think I have a fun game we could play. Email me if you're interested. It would require a couple of minutes on-line a day if you could swing it.

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