Friday, March 17, 2006

A good week

Pretty much everything was was going so rough with Joseph last week is going really smoothly this week. He's been sleeping in his ded every night, most nights not even coming into our room even once. He's listening the first time we tell him to do something (most of the time, he is 5 after all). He's been trying really hard in therapy. We didn't get a single bad report from school. My hope is that we're done with whatever little rough spot that was last week.

Elle's second tooth is thisclose to coming in. She's been a little bit crabby because of it but she's so good natured to start out with that it's nothing too bad. She's discovered screaming now. She does it all the time. She'll just lay there making these high pitched little shrieks for no reason at all. If Joseph's near here she screams until he comes over and pays attention to her then screams again if he leaves. She loves her big brother.

I have to get on the ball and start getting the Relay for Life stuff in order. Ugh. I am no good at organization. Oh well, it's all for a good cause so I suppose I can get my rear in gear for once.

Are you all watching Top Chef on Bravo? Do you all hate Steven (Stephen?) as much as I do? The guy is a complete tool. He's so pleased with himself all the time. It's a little unreal to watch because you almost think that he has to be joking. No one can be that self-satisfied and smug. Well, Steven/Stephen can! He can do anything! Just ask him.

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Ben said...

Oh, you know I've been waiting for this show. And yes, thus far the most compelling reason to watch is to see how much more of a douchebag Steven can possibly become. Next episode looks pretty promising! Candace actually calls him a tool and a douchebag. Therebey making herself my favorite person ever. I can't believe that after just two episodes I desperately want to punch that stupid pretty boy in the face. Hopefully exploding his eel-like lips.
Best part of the last ep was when the judge told Steven his wine selection could have been better for his dessert. Steven got this look in his face like "What?? You dare question me?!?" God I want to hit him.