Monday, March 06, 2006

My little guy

I had a date with my best little guy yesterday. Joseph and I went to see Doogal. It'a really wierd movie. The story is wierd, the characters are weird, the anamation is weird. There is a farting moose though so Joseph was happy anyway. The important thing was to spend some one on one time with Joseph anyway so that was good. He kept saying "I love you!" and "I like you!" and "I'm happy we're seeing a movie". It was cute.

On Saturday some of Jesse's friends from high school were in town and we stopped in to see them at their hotel. When we got there Joseph sat down at this table that had an ashtray sitting on it. He wrinkled up his nose and loudly said "Can someone move these cigarettes away from me?". After it had been moved he still stared at it for a while and finally asked "Who smoked those?" When the smoker fessed up Joseph turned to him and in the most serious voice possible said "Hey man, smoking's not cool." Everyone at the table burst out laughing, it was just too funny not too even though he was being very serious about the whole thing.

Elle's second tooth is just a day or two away from coming in. I can feel it under her gums. She's growing up so fast! Yesterday I gave her a tiny taste of apple sauce. She looked shocked and then offended and then happy ...... because she spit it out. We'll try again later, no reason to rush things. She loves rice cereal though. She gets some every day at lunch and she just gobbles it down. My baby's all about the eating!

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