Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Elle is doing really well with solid food. She really likes rice cereal and bananas. She just lights up when I feed those to her. She does pretty good with apple sauce but that's not her favorite. She still preffers to nurse over anythng else and that's ok with me because that's what I prefer too. It's about 100 times easier to nurse her than it is to spoon feed her 200 tiny little bites that she ends up half spitting out anyway because she's smiling at me so much. She's the cutest little thing but she hasn't learned yet not to mix eating with blowing spit bubbles. Anyway, later this week I'll try another kind of cereal with her and then maybe some pears.

I'm not planning on buying store bought baby food for too long. Once I've gotten her used to the taste of the new foods I plan on making stuff at home. The jar stuff is just nice for now as she's just starting on solids but I can make her a bigger variety of stuff at home.

You know who's not eating right now? Joseph. Most nights he has a couple of bites and then decideds he's full. He's not so keen on having to eat whatever we're eating. I figured that the few bites of real food he eats with us is probably better for him then his preffered diet of chicken nuggets and butter sandwiches though.

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Ben said...

Jen, have you started A Feast for Crows yet? I'm eager to unload with my thoughts on the book.