Wednesday, January 11, 2006

All grown up

Joseph has turned into a big boy over night. Yesterday he came home from school able to button his own shirt. That's just nuts. He's been working on that at home and in therapy for a long time now and all of the sudden he just go it.

Today at therapy his therapist asked him to skip. Instead of doing what he usually does (putting on a sullen face and gloomily stomping around while repeating "hop, step") he happily skipped all over the therapy room. His therapist and I were both shocked. He's never done that before. Just last week he couldn't skip.

Today he came home from school with a piece of paper that said "snow" on one side and "shi" (it was supposed to be "ski") on the other. He wrote them. By himself. Alone. I almost couldn't believe it.

It's like all of the sudden he started making these huge leaps forward. It's really amazing to watch. Elle, on the other hand, continues to lay around like a slug. Oh well, she's darned cute anyway.

We may be going to Florida for a few days in a week or so. I don't know yet. More details on that later.


Grandma Judy said...

When it clicks, it clicks!! Way to go Joseph!!! Elle is right on track for a 3 month old!!! Actually, I think she is ahead of the game in her vocal skills!!! Take care .... Love, Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

Good job Joseph and all you therapist.GR