Monday, January 09, 2006


Son of a bitch. I was just finishing up writing a long, detailed listing on ebay and I pushed the wrong button and deleted the entire stinking thing. Aurgh. I should really know better by now since I've probably done that at least a half dozen times before.

Anyway. Life goes on. One of my New Years resolutions was to start cooking and baking more. For my own benefit I am going to journal the stuff I make. If you ever find yoursefl thinking "Gee, I wonder what Jenny had for dinner? If only there was some way to read about it!" then click on the "What I Made" link over there on the right. It's full of lots of hit, action packed recaps of what I made. Or it will be once I have more that one day's worth of stuff there. And my feelings won't be hurt at all if you don't check it out. I'm aware that not everyone is into hearing long, graphic descriptions of what someone made for dinner. I just really like to talk about it.

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