Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kick ass soup

I made some kick ass soup last night. It was so good that Jesse and each had 2 BIG bowls and finished off the whole pot. Who knew I could cook?

I have the Food Network to thank for it really. I used to be kind of intimidated by cooking and I would rely on a lot of pre-packaged stuff to make dinner. Once I got pregnant I became (for some reason) addicted to cooking shows. I saw how simple it was to make really good food and it actually made me want to try cooking new things. Now that I'm trying new things out I'm seeing how fun it can be to try making new things. The best part is that pretty much everything I've tried has turned out well so far.

One Food Network question though: Why doesn't Paula Dean just change the name of her show from "Cooking with Paula Dean" to "Cooking with mountains and mountains of butter"?


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Paule Dean is a montain of butter?

Anonymous said...

Winter Good time for ssoup.GGR