Friday, January 13, 2006

Sunny days

It looks like Florida is in our future! Jesse has to do a project for the president of his company and he's been putting in a ton of extra time to work on it. He has to go to Florida to finish it up and as a thank you for all his work the company is sending all of us along with him. They're covering air fare and 2 nights in a hotel. We'll also have use of one of the company presidents cars. Woo-hoo!

We might extend our stay just a couple of days to so that we can hit a few attractions. Get ready to be shocked but I think that we will not be going to Disney World. We were all just there together and then I was there even more recently and Joseph was there even more recently than that. Plus, we wouldn't have time to hit all the parks and that would stress me out even more than missing them all. So, I'm going to check into Sea World and some other places.

Should be sweet! I'm mostly just glad to be getting away from this winter "wonderland" for a while!


Beany said...

I'm assuming by now you've come to your senses and are going to WDW. You are suffering from some serious sunlight depravation if you are choosing Sea World over WDW.

Mom or Dad said...

That's what I say too. Go to WDW and just go to a couple of the parks-Joseph probably doesn't care about MGM and Epcot.


Anonymous said...

Go to sea world, you only need to see wdw that much proably everyone will hate that suggestion. :-)