Thursday, January 19, 2006

The trip

The trip, she is booked. Our plane tickets have been bought and our hotel reservations have been made. We are going to be spending 5 days at the parks. Don't judge me.

Joseph's doctor has written a note that we'll be able to take to Disney World and use to get him a Guest Assistance Card. That will let us bypass some of the lines at certain attractions and use the fast-pass lines at others. That way Joseph won't have to deal with as much of the crowds and noise as you usually have to when waiting in line. I debated for a long time if we should do this or not. A tiny part of my feels like we might be doing something wrong. But when I think about it, he does qualify for a GA card and he would benefit from it. Plus, (and this is the big one) he has a lot of difficulties and disadventages that he has to deal with. He has to go to therapy twice a week, mealtimes are stressful for him, the list goes on and on. If he has to deal with all the not so great stuff that comes with being who he is then he should get some good stuff once in a while too. If his being the way he is lets him skip a couple of lines in Disney World then I think we should go for it.

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