Sunday, January 15, 2006

My baby likes me

Today Elle was sitting on Jesse's lap and watching me as I walked around the room. Every time I went out of her sight she would turn her head and look around all over for me. When I would go in front of her again she would get all excited, smile and kick her legs. She kept doing it every time she saw me and sometimes she would even make her "mmmmm mmmmm" noise. It was pretty cute. It's fun to see her respond to me like that.

She's turning into such a little talker! She coos and ohhhs and ahhhs all the time now. Last night I gave her a bath and when I washed her neck she giggled and giggled. It was so cute. (I know I keep saying that.) I love giving her baths because she likes them so much. No matter how crabby she is she just perks right up when I put her in water. What a fun baby I have.

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