Friday, August 12, 2005


Do you know how hard it is to put Joseph in time out? He looks at me with these big eyes filled with tears and in the most heartbreaking little voice he cries "I thought we loooooooved each other! I thought we were best friends!"

It's even harder to get him to stay there. A 5 minute time out ends up lasting 20 minutes or more as we battle for control. I say sit down, he jumps up. I say be quiet, he talks. I say leave your pants on, he strips naked. In the end I'm exhuasted and I feel like he's gotten nothing out of it. Right now he's happily sitting on the couch playing with a Star Wars sticker book and singing some song he made up. I just want to say "Be sorrowful damn it!" If I have to feel bad for acting like a nag then he should have to feel bad for driving me to it.

Darn kids. Why am I doing this again?

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