Monday, August 29, 2005

One more thing

I have a funny Joseph story to share ..... of course.

The other night he was taking a bath and I was downstairs. Jesse was in our room. (We've started letting him be in the bath by himself for little bits of time now. It still freaks me out.) I heard a big splash and then nothing else for a minute so I called up and asked if he was ok. He was silent for a second then in this frantic voice he says "I got a little red cut from picking up mommy's purple thing!" He meant my razor blade that someone had forgotten to move while getting his bath ready. I ran up the stairs, Jesse ran in from the other room. We get him out of the tub and it turns out that he has a tiny, tiny cut on one finger. It's bleeding a little bit and this totally freaks him out. Jesse was dabbing at it with a washcloth and Joseph was just crying and crying and crying. He said "Does this mean I'm going to died?" After we reassured him that he would not die from a tiny cut on his finger he had a new worry. "How can I walk around looking like this"? he wailed. After we calmed him down a bit he got angry. "Why would you even buy that thing Mommy?" A valid question since I've drawn blood on myself many-a-time with those purple things. I asked him why he didn't say something right away when he got hurt and he told us he was afraid we would be angry. Poor kid. It's a rough life when you're 5 and you think that a tiny cut on you finger will result in either getting in trouble or dying or being turned into a mutant freak not suitable to walk around in normal society.

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