Thursday, August 18, 2005

I need a new house

I think I need to move. This afternoon Joseph and I left to go to an appointment around noon. First thing I noticed was that all the car doors were unlocked. Then, as I was getting Joseph into his seat I noticed that the front seat had papers and jumk spread all over tha place. I went around to the front and the drivers side and the door was parly open. Not open enough to make the dome light go on but not shut tight either. All the stuff in the center consol was gone through and some papers that had been clipped to the visor were spread out on the seat. There was also a key to the other key laying out on the seat. Clearly someone got into the car (I must have let a door unlocked although I'm usually pretty careful about that) and went through it looking for money or cds or something. I'm almost 100% certain that nothing was missing, there was nothing of any kind of value in the car anyway.

Even though nothing was damaged or taken it's still a really yucky feeling. It was probably just some dumb kids. If it had been anyone with half a brain they would have taken the key to the other car and looked in there too since it was parked on the street last night. But it's yucky. Of course this kind of thing could happen anywhere but now I want to move into a house with a 20 foot electric fence around it.

So that's fun.

Joseph had his appointment with the new child psychiatrist today. She was really nice but it was another case of someone talking to us and saying "Yes, it sounds like he has some issues but there's really nothing I can do for you." Frustrating. She wants to see him again in about 3 months after he has been back in school for a while. She gave me some paperwork to have his teachers fill out after he's been in class for a month or so to get their take on his behavior. I guess that's something. Again, she seemed very nice but I just want someone to say "Here's what's wrong and here are some concrete things you can do to deal with it".

I'm just in a terrible mood right now. I don't think the weather is helping. I think a good cry and some ice cream might help. Sigh.

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Ben said...

Hell, since we moved into our new house, I don't even like having to leave Gwen alone at night when I'm at work. And the worst thing I've noticed about our neighborhood is that the kids next door are sometimes playing outside at midnight. I suggest buying a gun.