Friday, August 26, 2005

My funny, funny boy

Joseph cracks me up.

Yesterday we were going to go to the nursing home but he was a little unsure about going after what happened last time. (I think I wrote about it but if not, there was a lady there who kept grabbing at him and chasing after him in her wheelchair and tried to take him to her room and told him not to tell me.) I promised him that I would keep an eye on him and help him out if she bothered him. He comforted himself by saying that maybe she wasn't even there anymore, maybe she went to go live with her kids or heaven. (I really had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at the unintentional innapropriatness of that one.)

We went and the lady was there. Joseph was very nervous. He wanted to dance to the music but he was freaked out too so he just kind of danced in tiny little cirlces around me. Eventually he would move further and further away but he kept running back to me and asking if I was keeping an eye on him. The whole time he stayed as far away from the lady as possible and kept one eye on her.

Eventually he forgot all about her because she seemed to be paying no attention to him. He danced and sang and walked around shaking hands with the residents of the home. (They love him!) At the end of our visit we were sitting at a table kind of near the grabby lady and Joseph hopped off his chair, walked over to her and said "You know the rules of the nursing home better now and you know you can't be grabbing at me like that anymore!" She either didn't hear him or didn't understand him but I ran over and grabbed him before he could say anymore. He happily resumed eating his cake and I sat there shaking from trying to laugh silently. I certainly wasn't going to scold him because he's right, she shouldn't have been grabbing him like that. Plus, it was too funny.

He cracks me up.

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Emma said...

That's a hilarious story but a creepy lady. Bah. Way to stand up for yourself Joseph.