Monday, August 22, 2005

That's good irony

Yesterday was mine and Jesse's 6th anniversary. Thank you for a wonderful 6 years sweetie, I love you!

We had a very nice time having dinner and seeing Beauty and the Beast at the Chanhassen dinner theater. The show was almost as good as the gaint piece of cake that we split for dessert. We had really good seats too, right in the center in the second row up.

The only sad thing about yesterday was that my fingers have swollen up all of the sudden and I had to take of my wedding ring. It was turning my finger blue and I was barely able to get it off. My stretch marks and ever-widening bottom don't bother me but I was really sad to have to take my wedding ring off. The good news is that I have my grandma's wedding ring to wear and it's quite a bit bigger than mine so it fits me for now. I hope my fingers won't swell up too much more since they already look like big puffy sausages to me. Oh well, all the better to match my ankles I guess.

Mom and Dad brought over a handmade shelf and three pictures frames for the baby's room. They are so cute! We hung the shelf on the wall over the changing table and mom gave me some pails filled with baby stuff (like diaper cream) to put on it. Fun! It's really starting to look like a baby's room. I guess that's a good thing since I'm due in just 8 weeks. Ack!


Emmmmma said...

Yay Happy Anniversary you too! Becky reminded me and I was so excited when she told me... or happy for you, or whatever the proper emotion is I forget what would make more sense to say. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Six big years, What an achievement,who would of thunk it I am happy for you three.