Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Average just isn't good enough

Naral has released a report on the status of women's reproductive rights in the United States. The report gives a state-by-state breakdown of the laws affecting women’s ability to choose abortion, access emergency contraception, get insurance coverage for reproductive health services and several other other things. They give each state a grade that corresponds to these issues.

Minnesota somehow managed to score an C+ in spite of the fact that 95% of Minnesota counties have no abortion providers. That's kind of mind boggling to me.

As a full grown adult I take for granted that I have control over my own body and the decisions concerning my own medical care. I assume that if I ever find myself facing an unwanted pregnancy I would have access to a full range of choices. After reading this report I find myself feeling a little less secure about those rights. It disturbs me to think of women losing their right to safe and legal abortions. If it disturbs you too and this is an issue that's important to you I urge you to look at Naral's state by state profile and find out how your state ranks. You might be suprised by what you find. I hope that you'll also take the time to check out what you can do in your area to help ensure that all women have the right to make whatever choice is right for them.

We need to do a lot better than just average.


Amber (Heathen Mommy) said...

I am appalled that WI scored a D- !

StickyKeys said...

Heh, big fat F! The evil control freak in me is okay with that since I'm anti-abortion, but I also realize that abortion is really a feminist issue in disguise.

It's sad that a deciding factor of being feminism friendly is whether or not we're allowed to abort, but such is the world we live in.