Sunday, January 20, 2008

Princess McQueen

Me: That's a pretty crown you have on Elle. Are you a princess?
Elle: No.
Me: Are you a queen?
Elle: (puzzled look) No! That's Ka-chow!

You might not get this if you aren't as big a Cars fan as my kids are.

Speaking of Cars, you know what scene always makes me kind of sad? The one where McQueen comes up on Doc racing through the desert. Something about Doc trying to relive his glory days in the middle of nowhere makes me kind of weepy. I'm probably just a big sap but I think it's a really well done scene. Is that just me?


Beany said...

ha ha.
Dylan would totally get that. Life is a highway, me drive all night. Woo! Our kids are sooo cute.

shyestviolet said...

it's not just you :D

nell said...

I love that movie, maybe even more than my kids do. And it's not just you, there are at least three scenes in that movie that make me all teary.