Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I spilled out my mouth"

Is there anything worse than a pukey toddler? If there is I don't want to know about it.

Today Elle was happily dancing to the Cars soundtrack and all of the sudden she came over to me and said "My tummy hurts!" before I could even answer her she had done this massive projectile vomiting thing all over the living room, me and herself.

It's an interesting moment when something like that happens. Of course your first thought is "Ewwwww! Vomit on my shirt! Get naked as quickly as possible!" At some point though your parenting instinct kicks in and you find yourself calming down your little one and taking off their pukey clothes first. It kind of makes you feel all adult like when you find yourself kneeling in a pile of half digested string cheese and grape juice and saying things like "It's ok sweetie, Mama will clean it up." I felt grossed out but strangely, competent.

A little while later I had Elle and myself all cleaned up, a load of laundry going and the living room smelling fresh and clean. Elle rewarded me by giving me a big smile........ and then throwing up all over me and herself and the living room again. "Oh man" she said "I spilled out my mouth!"

Oh man indeed.

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nell said...

If it was possible for a puke story to also be cute, this one would qualify.