Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A big milestone

Well, I'm at that point in the pregnancy where sneezing makes me pee my pants. Wheeeeeeee! (heh)


shyestviolet said...

hmmm... sometimes I pee when I sneeze, and I'm not pregnant... what does this mean?

a friend of mine just blogged about a documentary he saw that follows a man with asperger's--thought you might be interested. his blog rocks, too, if you've got some free time and don't mind laughing and/or laughing and peeing a bit ;)


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha.....that was good.

Jennifer said...

I'm at the point in the afterlife of pregnancy when I pee in my pants when I sneeze. Hence, my motto: Before you sneeze, you gotta squeeze. (Doesn't work so well for running or jumping, or losing one's balance. The element of surprise is hard to overcome on the last one.)

I laughed out loud no less than 3 times reading through some of your posts.